Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tarot Cross Spread

This is a cross spread which i commonly use it for relationships. It is a simple spread of 5 cards.

The lay of the cards is as follows:
1st card is the 4 of pentacles;
2nd card is queen of cups;
3rd card is ace of pentacles;
4th card is the 2 of pentacles;
5th card is the 8 of swords.
The use of the deck is get the following insight between the relationship of 2 ppl. It is good to know how the other party is feeling and is good if the question is straight forward with a party in mind of focus when the question is asked.
1st card represents the person asking the question his position at this moment in time. If it is a 4 of pentacles, it would mean he is busy with work and neglecting the relationship or he is not giving his all in the relationship.
2nd card respresents the other party or the target of the question their feelings towards the querant at this point in time. if it is the queen of cups, it would mean that the other party is very interested in the querant and wants the querant to develop the relationship.
3rd card represents what the querant wants out of the relationship. it is ace of pentacle.... it seems that there is material wealth being generated through the relationship.
4th card respresents what the target wants out of the relationship. It is the 2 of pentacles a matter of choice a change is what is the target's mind in this. wants the querant to balance work and relationship.
5th card represents the outcome..... 8 of swords it seems that the target is helpless to change the querants' work attitude and both parties need to work together.
Well this is the cross spread.

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