Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tarot Spread for Yes and no questions.

TAROT SPREAD (the H Spread)

I came up with this spread when I was think of how to have further insight to the normal yes or no spread.

The normal yes or no spread would have the following.

(2) Yes card (3) No card

(1) Base of the question.

It is a simple card spread for 3 cards as follows which do not have any developments.

Normally this card spread from the first card you would draw the strength of why the person is asking the question, some insight to what the situation currently is and the type of mental state the querant is in.

The second card refers to choice 1 and the third card refers to choice 2.

For example.
If the first card is 2 of wands, the second card is 10 of pentacles and the third card is 5 of pentacles, and the question is whether I should choose to work in a MNC bank as compared to that of a local financial company. The answer is very obvious. well I leave it to you the reader to come up with your own answers at this point.

Coming to the H card spread, it is as follows. Looks lik a H.

Choice A Choice B

Card 1 Card 2

Card 3 card 9 Card 4

Card 5 card 6

Card 7 card 8

The Left columm is choice A and the right columm is choice B and the centre card is a general feel of the question. The 4 cards on each side can refer to 4 seasons for 1 year period. It could also the flow of how the cards would move. I find this spread to be very very useful…..
Try it out and see for yourself.

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