Monday, March 17, 2008

Tree of Life spread.

This is a Tree of Life Spread.

The lay of the cards i start from the bottom.

1) six of swords

2) 7 of swords

3) 3 of cups

4) 9 of wands

5) 10 of wands

6) reversed king of cups

7) ace of swords

8) king of wands

9) reversed King of Swords

10) empress

This card spread can be used for the following purposes,
1)to get a clear view of a person's character
2) to get a clear view of the situation a person is in and the outcomes
3) to get a clear view of the person' s choices.

I will explain how to use this spread for the purpose of no 2)

Points of note. I do not do reversal. When this current spread was cast, another reader was there to do the explanation. The other reader did request for my view on this spread. What i post here in the explanation part is only what the cards told me and how i view the spread.
How i use the spread is also indicated.

Card 1 in this spread lays the background to this question. what is the current situation the querant is in. it is like a stage for us to start. For instance this spread shown is used for the question about a person's love life. The 6 of swords in this instance is saying that she is looking to find the right man and is actively seeking to cross the river or to change from singlehood to being attached......

Card 2 in this spread is the motivation for the person or lays the foundation to the spread. it is the reason for the querant to ask this question in the 1st place. It is the seven of swords.... to me it means that she has tried in the past to approach the relationship issue. However, they fail as her concept or ideals in the relationship was incorrect.

Card 3 in this spread refers to the barriers or hinderances which a person will face in view of this matter. 3 of cups to me is that the person wants an ideal relationship and sees that every relationship should be perfect. hence she will not proceed with any relationships at all.

Card 4 in this spreads gives warning to how the person should approach the situation or what are the issues to look out for. 9 of wands refers to great strength or great strength has been used. In this card shows that the querant has been through much and is tired of relationships.

Card 5 in this spread refers to the hopes and fears of the querant. 10 of wands refers to overpowering strength. In this position it means that the person do not want to feel overpowered or oppressed in the relationship and fears about it.... to me it also relates that her past experiences in relationships is no good.... futher point to relate is that this card also stems from card 4 which is of the same suit and is one more to the 1st card giving me more such expressions.

Card 6 in this spread refers to conflicts, the negative aspects of the questions or how others view the person in a direct confrontation with regards to the question. Reversed king of cups refers to a person or a relationship which betrayed the querant's trust and have caused hurt to the person. so in this sense is that the quarant was hurt and has fear to proceed with a new relationship.

Card 7 in this spread refers to emotions or with how inwardly a person feels about this question. in the spread the card ace of swords appears. To me the person really wants a good beginning and is sincere in trying to find or start a new relationship. However it is in the spread of sword. to me it feels that yes there are opportunities for her to start. But it feels a bit wrong as the sword is more like logic or pressure is there.....

Card 8 in this spread refers to how others view the querant in relations to the question. king of wands refers to a friendly outgoing person who wants to be in charge of the situation and is very aries in nature. in addition it could also mean that such a person would be good for the querant.

Card 9 refers to how the person view him or herself in relations to this question. reversed King of Swords refers to a negative stress on herself with relations to how she deals with things. she takes things very very personally and is not objective. hence in relationships she would be very emotional and be hurt......

Card 10 refers to the final outcome. Empress is a good card. it refers to the blossoming of good new relationships through love..... it is attributed to venus and also a symbol or reaping good returns for efforts put in..... So my final advice to the lady is for the person to go on ahead..... to start new relationships.

My conclusion to the entire reading is such. firstly the lady is looking for a new relationship. she needs to change her concepts on relationships and also overcome her fear of starting new ones. she needs more confidence in herself and to act with more poise and go from then onwards.

Thats all i wanna talk on the tree of life spread from today.

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