Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Number 2 of love, communication.

Number 2. art of compasson.... of compromise.... of knowledge exchange.
2 are people who are compassionate. understanding and very caring.
it oso represents understanding, working together to achieve something.
it takes 2 hands to clap and takes 2 feet to walk to go from 1 place to another.
A 2 person is very good supporter.... but if request for him to take action it is difficult....
He is the best body guard, secretary, personal assistant or back room person....
Their favorite part of the body is the hands.... they like to hold the hands of their lovers......
Number 2 in tarot refers to the high priestess. A female for compassion for understanding for seeking truth.
The 2 in Minor arcana refers to the following (cups) communication, (swords) balance and choice, (wands) dominion or making a correct choice, (pentacle) balance or compromise.
The number 2 stands for Moon.It has feminine attributes of the Sun.For this reason number 1 and number 2 people are opposite in their characters , but their vibrations are harmonious and they make good companions.
Number 2 people are gentle by nature , imaginative , artistic and romantic.Number 2 people are inventive but not forceful to execute their ideas.Their qualities are more on mental than on physical side.Number 2 people are people born on 2, 11, 20 and 29 of a month.
Number 2 and number 1 people vibrate together . They also join heads and hands with number 7 people.Number 2 people should carry out their policies and programmes on days which vibrate with their own such as 2 , 11 , 20 and 29 of a month.
The days of week most fortunate for them are Sundays, Mondays and Fridays.Their lucky colors are all shades of green, form darkest to lightest also cream and white. They should avoid dark colors especially black,purple and dark red.Their lucky stones are jewels,pearls,moon stones, pale green stones and jade.
Number 2 people should guard against faults such as being restless and unsettled ,lack of continuity in their plans and lack of confidence.
They are also inclined to be oversensitive and too easily get depressed despondent and melancholy if they are not in their happy surroundings
So this is all i want to say about the number 2.

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