Saturday, April 26, 2008

Astrology and signs...... Glyphs and symbols

The Planets

We've fought a bitter war my twin self

and i lost and lonely, fallen angels exilled

from misty,long-forgetten Oober Galaxy of starscaught in Neptune's tangled web,

wounded cruelly by the painful thrust of Mars

totured by the clever lies of Mercury

Shock and nearly torn asunder by Vulcan's distant thunder,

Shattered by lightning of the sudden, awful violence of Uranus.

Crushed beneath the weight of stern unyielding Saturn.

who lengthened each hour into a day .....each day into a year....

Each year into a millenniums of waiting.

scorched by Sun's exploding bursts of pride as those wandering angels, stilled and helpless deep within us,

cried still we fought on, in unrelenting fury striking blow for blowdriven by the pounding drums of jupiter's giant

throbbing passionsstumbling at the precipice of the moons' enticing madness to fall at last in trembling fear

before the ominous threat of pluto's tomb like slience

consumed by inconsolable sadnessand the bleakness of despair

We bear....the wounds and scars of our furious battle,

My twin self and i

but now we walk in quiet peace....

with all our scattered pieces whole together hand in hand

full serpent circle back into the pyramid shaped rainbow of tomorrow's brighter eden crowned by gentle Venus

with the victory of love that did not die by survived

the night of our selfless seeking

to wait for the morning's soft forgivenessand the dawn of understanding.....


The above are all the glyphs of the planets which an astrologer will use in astrology

The Sun

A Circle with a Dot in the Centre.

Rules: a person's character, Physical force, Life Force.

Reveals: The father, Males in general, The masculine side of Women.

"I represent the life force and the physical body, and i amd at the centre of everybody's chart. What sign are you? or What Sun are you? The dot is to remind you to try to keep yourself centred. Life forces need to be centred, not off kilter or misplaced."

The moon

A Crescent Symbol

Rules Emotions, Empathy, receptiveness in subconcious need.

Reveals: The mother, women in general, the feminine side of men

" I represent emotional needs. And i am changeable. Sometimes i have more needs than others times. I am drawn like a crescent, but in a chart, i can be a silver or a full moon. Depending on how much attention i need."


Looks like venus with a half hat on the top.

Rules: Mental Activity, communication, intelligence and reasoning

Reveals: Short journey, Brothers and Sisters and Studies

"I represent thoughts, phrases and the sounds of the way you speak. I am the way you talk to your lover, inspired by your unique plantery aspects."


A Circle with a cross underneath.

Rules: Love, attraction

Reveals: Capacity for love, Beauty and harmony

" I represent the colors, sound, music and varieties of love. I am also there to provide smooth sailing in the stormy seas of life. I bring Beauty and Blessings."


An arrow with a circle on the Bottom.

Rules: Energy, Physical, Stamina and motivation

Reveals: How we act out our sexual impulses, Passions and challenges, Sexual expressions in Men.

" I represent your physical energy. How you act and react...."


A big Fat 4

Rules: benefits, good future, expansive ideas and social adaption.

Reveals: Personal Ethics, Philosophies, Personal Growth.

" I represent the promise of all good things in life. I am your good luck charm. I am always there in your chart to give you something nice, even if the going is tough, and to remind you that you are never forsaken"


A Tall 7 with a hat on the top.

Rules: Careers, philosphies, personal growth, public recongnition.

Reveals: Sense of responsibilities, loyalties and commitment.


A H with a line in the middle, Then a circle on the bottom

Rules: ability to experiment, change, and innovate, Sudden and unexpected

Reveals: our reckless side, where we seek our thrills, our eccentricities

" I represent the planet of change. I come in and make electrifying and sweeping changes. I am the rock and roll of your chart, I am always unplanned and unexpected. But i am not unpleasant unless your resist me...."


Fork with a cross at the Bottom

Rules: Illusions, imagination, visions, misconceptions and fantasy

Reveals: Romatic Side, Romatic fantasies, where we can be deceived and where we want to escape to.

"I am the planet of Deception. Sometimes i bring confusion and mix up. Sometimes i tell lies to try and trick you. I can bring dreams and illusions. everyone needs me for some magic at times. imagine, life served straight up. what you see is what you get. We all need our rose coloured glasses sometimes. Yes that's it. I am your rose coloured glasses."


A cross with a half circle on top to support a full circle on top of that. Or a capital P with a foot. Nice and direct.

Rules: transformations and the ability to change.

Reveals: rejuvnations, endings and beginnings, Crisis.

" Hello, i am pluto and i am here to change your life. Wherever i land in your chart, i tear down to be rebuilt. I am here for your Ultimate good, or i try to be, if you will not resist my energies. I am the planet of life and death. I repair and resurrect. I cause you to reinvent yourself now and then."

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