Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gilded Tarot. ciro marchetti

The Gilded Tarot is a digitally drawn and visually sumptous Rider-Waite style tarot from the talented Ciro Marchetti. The 78 card deck is available from Llewellyn as well as in a handmade edition.
I purchased this deck when it first came out. first of all i liked all the imagary and the style in which the cards are drawn. Moreover, the deck in itself is very striking with a good blend of colors on a black background. It was Ciro's first of 3 decks which he would make. His pictures of people and blending of computer graphics with Tarot makes the deck stand out and is in my opinion very nice. I have used his deck for readings and find that the deck speaks to me a lot. Moreover it uses the rider waite style and is easy for beginner's to use due to the symbolic pictures.
My most highly recommended deck.

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