Sunday, June 22, 2008

78 degrees of WISDOM by Rachel Pollack.

As there was a sale at Kinokuniya bookshop for this Summer, i was looking through the tarot books and this book caught my eye.

For the first reason, it had a good title. 78 degrees of wisdom which refers to 78 cards of the tarot. For one it caught my attention.

The second reason, it was by Rachel Pollack, who was one of the tarot readers i had quite high regards for.

The final and last reason, Review by Bonnie Cehovet on it was very good.

Reading the book, i realised that it offered me some insight to the cards which i have not thought about. Particularly the card of the lovers. About how the waite tarot was different from the rest of the other tarot.

There is an in-depth presentation of the suits, Pips (numbered cards) and Court Cards.

From the book:
King – social responsibility, power, success

Queen – deep appreciation of the suit, creativity

Knight – action, responsibility to others

Page – exploration, study
10 – completion, the need to go beyond

9 – compromises, struggles

8 – movement

7 – victory
6 – communication
5 – loss, conflict
4 – structure
3 – full expression of the element
2 – union
Ace – basic quality, root

For the spreads, she teaches the celtic cross and a work spread.

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