Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Favole Tarot By Victoria Frances

The Favole Tarot features gothic art by Spanish illustrator, Victoria Frances.
The cards are dark and romantic but somewhat depressing - even the Sun card has a feeling of bleakness.
While the deck has lushly illustrated majors, it follows the European tradition in the minors and has repetitive pip cards instead of tarot scenes.

For an art deck, this is a lovely deck that celebrates death but not much life. Even the Sun, normally a festive card that brings to mind the warmth and vitality of the Sun, is a dark and dreary card showing a woman in a long flowing dress turned away from the Sun. And the Sun itself is shrouded by clouds and mist making this a hard card to find joy in.

MASKS represents pentacles (earth) . character is hidden only appreances are seen.

Butterfly = Swords = air. Reason and thought and things of spirit. the butterfly in some myths represent the soul.

The rose = emotions = cups, the rose is a symbol of love.......

Cross represent wands and fire..... Early cross are made of wood which is fire giver.

This is a nice artistic deck which i would collect. I like the art work. In addition, it can be used.... but being very depressing is not able give a very positive outlook.

Victoria france's website

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