Monday, June 16, 2008


The chinese is 月夜梦行. Lunatic..... is an understatement..... 月 means luna as in moon, 夜 means night 梦 means dream 行 means journey.

A journey of dreams via the moonlit night....... literally.

The Lunatic Tarot has 78 cards with expressive, artistic character illustrations in brownish hues. On the back is the corresponding card from the Rider-Waite and its title in English. The large size 'portfolio' edition - approximately five by ten inches - has cards bound together with thin, tearable plastic binding, but can be separated for use. Now also available in a regular card-sized edition with titles in English and Chinese.

When Christina showed me her lunatic tarot deck which she brought to the BBQ on 31 may, i liked the deck very much and wanted to use it in readings. However, the particular one she bought was unable to be used for readings due to 2 facts.

1) the size of the cards are like that of standard post cards. Which was very fine if you want to use it as a collector's piece but not for reading.

2) the back of each of the cards showed the corresponding Rider Waite tarot deck..... which is way uncool for reading.

Hence, i ordered from TAROT GARDEN some decks and among them i ordered the useable lunatic tarot. Way way cool deck. it comes with 2 cards extras.... too but there is no LWB which i dun really need anyways. Each of the card is labelled with there card representation on the top and on the bottom is the chinese corresponding meaning and name of the card. I think is cool.

One of my favourite card. Nine of pentacles. The pentacles are drawn as her belt....

2 of swords.... reminds me of miho from SIN CITY... pretty cool rite?

This is a cute fool......
Master of the ring and ringmaster, magician he is
The worlc card
Hanged man

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