Sunday, June 8, 2008


This deck i bought last saturday and was a bit disappointed. The reason being, i bought it from Kinokuniya and it was opened and someone actually did at least 1 reading with the deck. Wen and i traced a celtic cross spread with the deck and found out that the person who last used the deck was in trouble with his or her career or work because the spread had a lot of pentacles (patterns) in it. (this is a story for another time)

The deck is 78 cards, consist of the following things as suits. which is not the normal ones.

Questing as wands

Primodialism as cups. (demons) too scary.

Dynamism as swords.

Patterns as pentacles. Technocracy.

Well i find the deck good for the game only. if you play the game it is a good tool. Cos the suits are not easily identified.

The little white book which comes with deck is good for a read and is useful for playing the RPG.

A technowizard patterning, 8 of pentacles.
8 of wands,

six of cups..... primodialism shows a demon offering a cup.

the 2 of cups, the queen of wands andthe 5 of cups.

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