Monday, June 2, 2008

magician spread by Thalia Took

This spread can help you to make things happen.

Shuffle the deck, laying cards 1-3 face up and 4-7 face down, following the diagram above.

Card 1: This card represents inspiration, seizing the lightning, gifts from above.

Card 2: This card represents the change the inspiration goes through, the transformation through you; process.

Card 3: This card is the manifestation, the final form it takes out in the material world.

When you have read the first 3, turn the other four over.

Cards 4-7 represent the ingredients you can draw on to make this happen. You can read them as gifts from the four elements, or another way if that makes more sense.

(Once when I did this the four cards laid themselves out perfectly in a series of past experiences!) If you read them elementally:

Card 4: Earth, or Pentacles, material gifts, gifts of the body.

Card 5: Air, or Swords, intellectual gifts, decisions and clarity and discernment.

Card 6: Water, or Cups, emotional gifts, intuitive knowledge, gut feelings.

Card 7: Fire, or Wands, gifts of passion and drive and life! That which you love and are driven towards.


Apocalyptic said...

I was just wondering what happens if a reversed card appears in positions 4 to 7.

Would that mean a deficency in that element? What's your view on this?

SHIMURE said...


Should mean negative effects of the elements or would mean that you lack that particular element.

However you need to see the actual card which is represented there.

Moreover if you get fire in a water position or air in an earth position it would mean that there is strong negativity there.