Sunday, June 15, 2008

The meanings of the Hanged Man card and of 1 card spreads.

The Hanged man, the card ruled by the planet Neptune, water as an element.

Dignified: The Hanged Man represents looking at things from a new perspective or from a different point of view. It means opening up to someone else’s feelings to a situation or consolidating their point of view with yours. The Hanged Man also represents letting go of the ego in order to see the good of all concerned rather then just the self. The Hanged Man hangs from legs that are crossed which depict a hanging on to one position but still looking from another. Although the Hanged Man represents a view from a different perspective it represents only a catalyst for change rather then a change from tradition itself. In the tarot the Hanged Man is always the card prior to official change and it usually represents the hope and fear of a different more challenging path. The Hanged Man also brings up the idea of the total worth of one idea as compared to another. The Hanged Man symbolizes the revelation that life is different depending on whichever way you choose to look at it.

Ill-Dignified: In a reversed position the Hanged Man represents seeing things from a narrow or limited perspective. It suggests A stubborn, unwillingness to change, or a refusal to understand other people’s point’s of view. The Hanged Man reversed signifies a hanging on to an egotistical existence instead of encompassing a “oneness” with others.


On saturday in the course of teaching Katrin on Tarot, we were going through the fool's journey and we came across this card, the hanging man.

Katrin made a comment stating that the hanged man could mean hanging in the past. Her justification is that she did a reading prior to this for her friend and it indicated such a meaning. According to my understanding of the card and research, the possibility of such a meaning would be the ill-dignified as stated in the above. However, it is more of acceptance of another's person point of view and sticking to traditions.

I further have to add that in a 1 card spread meaning, you could not justifiedly state about clinging to the past.

If it were 3 card spread with the hanged man, in such a position as the above spread would have certain meanings.
Let's just look at the above, the question stated may be I have broken up with my girlfriend, should i move on?
In the above spread, we can see that the spread has a very strong indication that the querant still loves his girlfriend very much and that he is clinging to the past. However, the advice of the tarot in it case is as such.
1) card hanged man. Should look at the break up on a different perspective, perhaps he is holding on to the past.
2) card yes 6 of cups, living in the past and not looking for the future. If he seeks a new relationship, he will benchmark it with the past.
3) card no hermit, he would be lonely if he do not search for a new partner. at this moment in time.
If the querant does not move on and clings to the past he will be lonely.
From the hanging man, we mentioned the 1 card spread. I normally does my daily draw and to me it is a 1 card readings.
1 card readings may be used if the question is very specific and direct. It will offer insight to us concerning the question.

However, 1 card readings may not give a full or clear view. For a better pictures more cards are needed.

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