Sunday, June 29, 2008

Roads and fortunes......

Well in life and in prose, people refer life as a journey. Such as the fool's journey.

This is a poem which i wrote in happier times.... amatuer i am.

Roads Lead to many places,

Homes where One's heart should be,

Work stations where One may be slaving at,

Shopping centres where one's needs may be fulfilled,

Places of learn where one's mind may be attuned,

Places of worship where one's faith is renewed.....

Some roads are smooth and broad,

Paved with stone and tar,

Others are rough and coarse,

made by trackers and hikers,

Some are crooked and twisted,

Made around hills and slopes.

We come to forks at times,

And a wrong decision may lead us on a yet longer rhyme,

if life is like a road and everyone is a traveller,

i wish to journey on this road with you, my friend, (cos i love you.)

Matters little that the road is smooth or hard.

With you, I have courage.

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