Thursday, June 5, 2008


A standard 78 card Tarot deck digitally collaged from original photographs of Prague art, architecture and scenes taken by the artists. Elements from the traditional Czech 32-card Marias cards are also incorporated into the design.
The deck is based on the Waite-Colman Smith deck, though considerations of variations between that deck and others have lead the creators to omit numbering of its Trumps. This inadvertently reflects very early decks that likewise did not carry numbers.

This is one of those decks which features an entire city in it. It shows the old city of prague and a lot of the statues and buildings. Prague was one of the cities in Europe which was not damaged during both world wars and a lot of the old city was very much the same as when John Dee was there. It is a mystical and enchanting place. The deck shows lots of these feelings and is a very graphic deck to use. It comes with an additional death card and another card known as prudence.

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