Monday, June 23, 2008

Witcher Deck of Glory....... Cards from a game....

Although these are cards which a player can get in the game the witcher, the art in the art is very nice.
This is like a side quest in the main game. Perhaps the artist would do a tarot deck?


Voodoo Who Do said...

That would make an awsome tarot deck. He could use these pictures that he already has in some of the suits.

SHIMURE said...

Dear Voodoo,

Yes it would be a good idea as a deck.

I hope for the minors they use the waite-rider approach instead of the crowley or any other approach. In that manner, more pictures and better art would be seen.

The suit suggestions would be

Wands- torches

Cups- beer tankards

Swords- witcher sword

Pentacle- wolf head medallion.

Andrzej Sapkowski's last wish is a very good book and reference to use.