Wednesday, July 16, 2008

eight of cups

eight of cups,
In the waite rider, it shows a man walking away from 8 perfectly filled cups and seeking more.
There is the moon which is both full and crescent.
There is a water cascading from the mountains downwards and the man goes to seek the source.
The meanings in the pictures based on my understanding.
1) seeking some thing new. (uncertainty the moon)
2) missing what is around or unaware of surroundings.
3) letting go of the past.
A barrier or a warning for people to be more aware.

In the crowley tarot. it is 8 cups but not all the cups are filled.

Book of Thoth - Indolence
The Eight of Cups is called Indolence. the top cups are not filled. there is the symbols of pisces and saturn here. saturn means consistancy. and pisces means illusions or misguided ideas. and also the top cups can never be sated.


It is a card which has particular significance for me today.
It normally means for a person to seek out something new but in view of uncertainty.

I was feeling lonely. but something unexpected happened. My aunt and cousins called me. reminding that i am not alone......

Well this means focus on what is important.... there is love here you need to look.

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