Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Empress..... for today and knowledge gained.

There was an ancient saying,
art from no art.
Form and no form.
All is in the mind.
all is fluid.

My aikido teacher once told me that when you learnt kartas and moves in martial arts it is only form.

When you have mastery of the art, unlearn all you have and there is where you develop your own style.....

I am still fixed with spreads, meanings and the various mythos which i have learnt.

Today, i had the opportunity to meet one whom i feel is greater in the understanding of the art of tarot. Especially on the trust and strength of intuition. I am humbled and awed by her pressence alone......

I spoke to the artist of the diary of a broken sould. Ash.

Well she is a very intuitive in her understanding of art and of the tarot.

She shares similar views in tarot in the sense that she does readings with no reversals and also that she has similar taste in art as me.

I brought 3 decks to the meeting today. The Tarot of dreams, the lunatic tarot and the necronomican deck.

Well Impressed by her pressence and the conversation with her. I decided to request for a reading from her. She showed me a simple 5 card reading on a question which i had doubts on.

It was quite awesome. As it showed exactly my feelings about the question and gave me insight which i did not get when i did the reading for myself.

I Say thank you Ash.

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