Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Hezicos Tarot

The hezicos tarot is an unpublished tarot by Mary Griffin.

It is by watercolors and bright in color selection and portray a very celtic and mystic feel.

From my perspective.
The magician looks like a celtic shaman. Instead of the usual items of power, it is replaced by visual day to day items. A branch from a sapling (wands) , a cup, a cat( mystery and powers secrets) , books (swords), shells (coins or pentacles)

The hermit is one which touches my heart. well it shows Maitreya buddha. This future Buddha is still in the Tusita heaven, in the state of a Bodhisattva. Gautama Buddha himself will enthrone him as his successor. The name means 'benevolence' or 'friendship'. He is now living his last existence as a Bodhisattva. In anticipation of his imminent arrival, he is sometimes considered as a Buddha and given the title of Tathagata.

In buddhist teaching, the buddha's are enlightened beings and teachers to show the way.

i am anticipating this deck and you can view more images at website:

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