Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Happiness in remembering in past things.

The six of cups have special significance for me.

Every time i draw this card for my daily spread. I would meet a friend.

Recently i was very very troubled with work and with relationships with people.

But yesterday, i drew this card and got the recharge in my faith in people and with friends. Coincidentally, i got the following Guas.
2. 坤 K'un / The Receptive to 24. 復 Fu / Return (The Turning Point)

K'un / The Receptive Above K'UN THE RECEPTIVE, refers to myself needing some attention and time away from Worries.

Hence i took 1/2 day of leave to think about stuff and hang out with good friends.

24. Fu / Return (The Turning Point) means to remember friends and to renew old stuff. like relationships.

In the sum of this iching and the use of tarot. I would conclude that both the iching in the manner and the 6 of cups conincide......

Strange but true.....

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