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The Seven Rays

Every living being from the greatest planet to the tiniest little atom is influenced by the seven rays. These rays are therefore fundamental for all life on Earth. Everything on Earth is colored by the seven rays. All human beings, all species of animals, all plants and all minerals are influenced by one or several of these rays. There are seven main types of people on this planet, because each person is ruled by one of the seven rays. When science in the future will stipulate the rays that rule nations as well as humans, animals, plants, and minerals, it will take a great step forward. The science of the seven rays will be one of the most important fields of study in the coming age. It may therefore be wise to study the rays carefully, because it will be one of the most basic factors of all esoteric sciences in the future.

The seven rays have been given the names the first ray, the second ray, and so on and each of them has its own specific quality. You can make an attempt to find out which rays are most influential in your life by reading about the rays later in this chapter. You can also try to find out which rays are most influential when you are casting a horoscope for a client.

The first ray is connected with will, power, purpose and politics. It is the ray of the borne leader. This ray gives you will-power, just watch up for the lower aspect that is selfishness and a desire to rule other people. The higher aspect is when you use power to help people and to lift up mankind to a higher level. This is also the ray of the destroyer, the first ray destroys old forms so that new can be borne.

The second ray is the ray of love-wisdom, also education and religion. This ray is connected with both love and wisdom, and if you are on this ray you are probably one who searches for the truth. However, without power knowledge will be futile, without love it will be cold and selfish. This is also the ray of teaching, and people on this ray often likes to teach and are good on teaching. This is the ray of the builder, one who can make new ideas attractive for people.

The third ray is the agent of active intelligence or adaptability and business and economy. Will and love are here united to creative imagination. This ray givers you the capacity for abstract thinking, to look upon the world from a large perspective. This ray also develops your capacity to take out and to use exactly what is needed for your task and to use it in a adapted and appropriate way. This takes us to economy, to use exactly what you need is a good definition of being economical. You have to watch up so that you don’t become too cold and intellectual in your search for knowledge if you don’t possess love. Lower aspects on this ray is absent-mindness, being too vague and manipulating for selfish reasons.

This ray is Harmony and Beauty through Conflict and Struggle. This is the ray of harmony and beauty, the creator of structure by means of the form. This beauty and harmony is essentially mathematics, although the strive for beauty many times will give you a great interest in art. If you have this ray strong there will be a constant struggle between over-activity and inertia, until you have learned balance and harmony. Activity will make you develop fast, inertia makes you lazy.

The fifth ray is the ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science. This ray helps you make concrete and manifest the visions you have. It is the ray of knowledge and science. This ray makes you very good at building forms, so skillful that you at first get so involved in them that you forget that forms end methods only are tools that you use to develop the life that is behind the outer forms. The true investigator on the fifth ray is looking for the essence and cause behind the outer form, the lesson is to identify yourself with the inner life, and to learn that forms are only temporary tools and not an end in themselves.

This is the ray of abstract idealism, devotion, psychology and religion. People who are on this ray will always strive for an ideal that they intelligently or blindly work for with an enormous devotion. This ray teaches you to strive for visions and to always aim at higher goals. It gives the onepointed man or woman who devotes his or her life to the spiritual progress of mankind, but also the intolerant fanatic who can only see the fixed idea of ”my truth, my vision and my limited ideals.”

Seventh Ray (CHARIOT) (CANCER) (HOUSE 7)
The seventh ray is the ray of Ceremonial Magic and Order and also Philosophy. This ray will make you a practical person, one who can manifest the high visions on the physical plane. This ray teaches you order and rhythm, on a lower aspect this will become standardization, when rules becomes a mean in themselves. It is also the ray of magic, true magic implies that you have a spiritual vision and manifest it on the physical plane.
The rays can be used together in the astrological attributions and numerlogy.

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