Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Revelations Tarot
Adflatus Tarot
The Revelations Tarot has illuminated artwork with a swirling effect reminiscent of stained glass. Its art is also double-ended, with an upright and reversed image merging in the center of the card.Read a review of the Revelations Tarot
By Zach Wong Tarot Deck - 78 CardsPublished by Llewellyn 2005

Taking the advantage of a 20% discount at the Kinokuniya store in singapore, i had been tempted to get a tarot deck for my collection.
Wen pointed out to me this deck revelations tarot. It is a very bright and vibrant deck with a lot of new pictures in tarot which i have not seen. Only perhaps in the Crowley thoth tarot.

The majors are brillant. take for example the chariot. Normally i do not use reversals in my readings but the cards show both control and lost of control at the same time.....

The emperor in power is a man of control and strenght......

reversed.... he is a puppet and in the hands of power trapped....

The death card shows KALI and a child...... death and rebirth ar..... for your informations.... today i got the death card as part of my daily draw...

Fair treatment and unfair treatment.... that is the scales in balance and not.
For those with the use of reversals... this deck is very very clear.

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Apocalyptic said...

I see you love the Revelations Tarot. Good choice.