Sunday, November 16, 2008


This spread has many names. For a better picture, you can click on the above to see clearer.

The numbering of the cards describes a spiral starting from the centre and progressing anti-clockwise.
The cards are grouped together in threes:


This card represents the querent, the nature of the question or problem, and the main influences which surround him/her

2, 3

Along with card 1, these are the primary cards of the spread. They describe the

nature of the circumstances and the personality of the Querent

4, 8, 12
These cards show potential future events and influences. They show what direction the querent's life will naturally take, unless alternate steps are employed to change the course of events

5, 9, 13
These cards represent an alternative course of action that the querent may choose to take

6, 10, 14
These cars lead to the questions.
They assist the querent in making whatever decision is needed

7, 11, 15
These cards show forces at work that are beyond the querent's control — destiny or karma
This is a spread for alternatives, a more dynamic spread than the celtic cross and is shown in the book of the golden dawn by Israel Regardie.
Whereas in the celtic cross there is only 1 possible outcome, here there are 2 and a lot more dynamic.

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