Sunday, February 8, 2009


Recently, I am finding my centre. However, due to a lot of distractions, such as chinese new year, trips to thailand, new christmas presents and stuff, i am unable to focus and find it. I feel restless. My saturn or fixed ways were moved.

In addition to this, i was down with a flu for last 2 weeks. Hence much of my appointments were cancelled.

However in the last couple of days, i met several of my clients.

And still realise that there is a lot of people and uncertainty in the hearts of people especially with the current financial crisis and jobs being on the line.

I have used quite often the Golden dawn 15 card spread lately. It has proven to me as one of the more dynamic decks in which i could use.

In addition, last tarot gathering, i am glad to see a lot of new faces and someone who was using an Osho Zen tarot. Personally, i do not find the Osho Zen tarot very friendly for me as the images in the tarot and the numbering is in zen method with no connection with the actual familiar tarots images which i can associate with.
Hence i requested a reading done on how to improve my skills. The reader was the one using the Osho Zen tarot. I have used the Rider Waite as the above spread of used for people to understand.

In the Osho zen tarot the ace of wands means source of power, which he defines that i have a lot of passion for the art and power to proceed.
In the 4 of wands and 4 of pentacles, means i need to give up pursuit of the material aspects of the art in order to proceed.

In addition, the 8 of cups means i need to look for new relationships to develop my tarot or seek within for answers.
Death as the final card means time for changes.... stop my distractions and concentrate.

Perhaps this trials and periods are telling me that my journey for enlightenment needs to begin again. and i need to be the fool or have a zen mind to start with.

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