Sunday, March 29, 2009


A myth of the sunflower

This is one of the Greek mythologies.

A water sprite Clytia falls in love with the sun god Apollo and stands up straight for nine days and nights with thinking of him.

However, her love not catching him, she was changed a sunflower by a lot of sunshine getting.

Her love is always in the sun.

That is even now to go on staring him on the ground.

Vincent van Gogh painted these sunflowers after leaving his native Holland for the south of France with the dream of starting an artistic community.
He began to paint sunflowers to decorate a bedroom for his friend Paul Gauguin.

Once in thy light, i received every morn till every dusk.

Once in thy sight, i grew with each mastery and each reading,

Once using thy might, i nutured my aching heart....

Once in thy plight, i gave my sight, my light and my might.


But in spite of all, you betrayed secrets we kept.

In respite, you turned from being warm, my sun to the secrets of moon.

and with it, my slight light in the world was diminished....

A darkness decended upon my heart and for long moments it laid in the dark with no light to guide it to the morning's day.


My sun, i did not become a sunflower for you to despise and to tread upon.....

My rebirth was due to thy betrayal and thy heart broken promise.


A reflection on sun as a rebirth.... but trailing with dark paths.... from a flight from plight to bright.....

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