Sunday, May 10, 2009


Relationship spreads.

Only love can make people do lots of things. it is one of the greatest motivation in the world.
Recently, I have fallen in love with a particular lady and in our relationship with each other i discovered new ways to use the tarot which i did not really used in the past.

The spread above was done for a client of mine.
However, in this particular instance, the client was not in front of me and i did a teleconversation reading for this person.

I had the astrology of the client as well as the client's lover. and was able to have a good feel prior to commencement of this reading. If i did not have their astrology, it would not be possible for me to proceed.

This is an edited version for clarity. Firstly the cards on the left is for the lady. the cards on the right is for the guy.

the emperor and the king of cups refers to what has happened in the past

the death and 9 of wands are the present.

the page of cups and hierophant refers to how they feel about each other.

the 7 of wands and the queen of wands refer to how others feel about the relationship.

the magician and the hanged man refers to the final outcome or also refers to the advice they should take.

This is a cross spread example.

I did this spread with my lover and it uses 2 decks and was done by both my lover and i.

The cards on the right are from my lover and the cards on the left are mine.

There is one similar card in the entire spread which is the page of wands which means we both like adventures.

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