Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the hanged man

The Hanged man, 12th card of the major arcana.
Card which is ruled by neptune and the element of water.
card of mysteries.
of sacrifice.

There are always gods on sacrifice... Odin for the Nordic, Jesus, Kwan yin, Buddha, Osiris eyptian.

They emerge from deaths to be wiser.

"No victory is true without effort or sacrifice"

An example....
A client of mine was given a precious moment figurine when she was young. At that age she did not know the value of the gift. Till a day when the figure was broken. then she realise it was a precious gift.

It would also be seen as examples of experience.

If you never did tarot reading on Orchard road, you would never know the experience.

If you never sat on a roller coaster, you would never know the feeling of the thrill.

If you never fell in love before, you would never know the bliss and heartaches of it....

If you have never lost a loved one, you would never experience loss....

I like Odin and the myth surrounding his hanging on the world tree....

Extract from american gods....

"I know a charm that can cure pain and sickness, and lift the grief from the heart of the grieving.
"I know a charm that will heal with a touch.
"I know a charm that will turn aside the weapons of an enemy.
"I know another charm to free myself from all bonds and locks.
"A fifth charm: I can catch an arrow in flight and take no harm from it."
His words were quiet, urgent. Gone was the hectoring tone, gone was the grin. Wednesday spoke as if
he were reciting the words of a religious ritual, or remembering something dark and painful.
"A sixth: spells sent to hurt me will hurt only the sender.
"A seventh charm I know: I can quench a fire simply by looking at it.
"An eighth: if any man hates me, I can win his friendship."

"A ninth: I can sing the wind to sleep and calm a storm for long enough to bring a ship to shore.

"Those were the first nine charms I learned. Nine nights I hung on the bare tree, my side pierced with a
spear's point. I swayed and blew in the cold winds and the hot winds, without food, without water, a
sacrifice of myself to myself, and the worlds opened to me

"For a tenth charm, I learned to dispel witches, to spin them around in the skies so that they will never
find their way back to their own doors again.
"An eleventh: if I sing it when a battle rages it can take warriors through the tumult unscathed and unhurt,
and bring them safely back to their hearths and their homes.
"A twelfth charm I know: if I see a hanged man I can bring him down from the gallows to whisper to us
all he remembers.
"A thirteenth: if I sprinkle water on a child's head, that child will not fall in battle.
"A fourteenth: I know the names of all the gods. Every damned one of them.
"A fifteenth: I have a dream of power, of glory, and of wisdom, and I can make people believe my
His voice was so low now that Shadow had to strain to hear it over the plane's engine noise.
"A sixteenth charm I know: if I need love I can turn the mind and heart of any woman.
"A seventeenth, that no woman I want will ever want another."

"And I know an eighteenth charm, and that charm is the greatest of all, and that charm I can tell to no
man, for a secret that no one knows but you is the most powerful secret there can ever be."

"In the Great Hall of Valhalla,the Tarot Play continues into the Minor Arcana as swords meet staves at the valorous Feast, fill your Cups and Pentacle-plates, while Brigid-Babalon gives the Beast his Just Desserts..."

Treasure is not always clear and dangers lurks in secrets kept....

Victory is best when effort is placed....
Same as love.
Hence, if you pursued a girl with effort and sacrifice, and wins.... it is most gratifying.

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