Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Last night was a night of tarot readers.

It was a pity that i did not bring my camera.
Present at Sanctum.
1) Ambika
2) Rowen
3) Wen
4) Patrick
5) Ash
6) Angel
7) Caroline
8) William
9) Jason
10) Larry
11) Noel (ryuza)

It was a night of sharing and discussion on questions and styles.
The above is spread which was used as a discussion topic. posted by Patrick as he was trying to see the meaning of how to discuss whether a major arcana should be verus a minor one. IN this case it is the devil and the 3 of cups.

The question: should i leave my job.?
3 of sword is the present situation.
4 of cups is the hope of the querant
3 of cups is to leave and outcome.
Devil is to stay
5 of cups is final outcome and advice.

Ash stated in the discussion that she did not like to do yes or no spreads as it limits the creativity and the scope of the answer.

However from this spread, she gave the following comments.

The querant does want to leave and she feels miserable at her current job. However as there are many external factors she cannot leave her job and that the factors in the office as due to internal emotional issues and that she could not get along with her collegues.

Said very much similar ideas. however she emphasis on the last card the 5 of cups which is to review the matters within and to see if they can be solved. She stated that the querant is very much causing the hurt and misery internally and things may not be that bad.

Jason's statement
The querant is very much upset at work and wants to leave. he pointed out that it is not a money issue but more on emotions as there is a lack of pentacles. he also pointed out that the 3 of swords is that her emotions have clouded her judgement. He also points out that the devil and the 3 of cups are sensual cards which have a factor to the whime of the querant and it is something personal.

The final conclusion
She should stay and work out the problems.
My personal feeling is that the devil in this instance is very strong. it has to do
with a bond or a contract.
The 3 of cups is personal happiness.... it may not be the best outcome for her to leave as it may involve her breaking a bond or contract.

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