Sunday, August 23, 2009


Last friday nite was our tarot nite at Sanctum.

We discussed several matters. One of the matters was the similarities of the Lovers card and the Devil Card. A topic which Ser Ming brought up for discussion.

Looking at the devil card you see 2 persons a guy and a lady bound by chains to the devil and that the centre is a strong earthly link (Capricorn is the ruling sign)

The women is the tree of knowledge by her tail (inituition) whereas the male is the tree of life.

The cards is dark and symbolises lust or a bit of oppression.

Similarly, the couple is shown in the lovers card. But they are free.

Similarly the tree of knowledge and the tree of life are behind both adam and eve.

The centre is a cloud which is of the air sign gemini.....

The interesting comparison still stems more meaning as it seems the lovers cards is the freedom of choice and communication whereas the devil is oppression and bondage due to lust.?

Love is freely given and enjoyed.

Lust and sin will bind and corrupt?

That is an interesting look at 2 similar cards but dis-similar situations?

So is your partner, your lover or your sex obession?

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