Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tarot Meetup 12 December 2009

Myself being interviewed By razor tv. Will be shown on 22 dec.

Jasmine and cartomancy. She learnt tarot from AMBIKA recently..

My Dear Beelian and I.

Ash and Sarah Jean

Jason Giving a reading.

Sky being interviewed by Razor TV.

Jasmine and Beelian

Qiu Yi and Hello kitty cards.

Laughter and myself

Noel and Joanne.

Jasmine being interviewed.

Larry giving reading.

Wen doing readings

Larry and cynthia

Serming doing readings.

Linda and Beverly from South Africa.


Anonymous said...


i am just curious whether do you have Beverly contact.

Is she still in Singapore?


Anonymous said...


I am surprised to see Beverly here.

Is she still in Singapore?

Do you have her contact?

SHIMURE said...

Yes i have Beverly's contact. and she is still in singapore.

Anonymous said...

Do you mind if you can give me her contact number?

I have been trying to reach her on her mobile for the past few months but in vain.

You can send to my personal email at

Thank you for much!