Tuesday, May 25, 2010

world tarot day card six of swords.

This year it drew to my attention the world tarot day.

Upon this day i thought about my spirit of tarot and its impact of the world.

It is the 6 of swords. The card of science and solutions. this is the highest pure power of the suit of swords. it is the solutions to problems in the most logical of manner. to seek while not truly seeking. Using logic as the key.

The six of swords is a key. it is seeking solutions in a logical manner. in the waite symbolism, you see a boat man ferrying people across a river. a simple solution to crossing a expense of water. If you reach an obstacle. do not despair. the solutions are simple and attainable..... you need a little science and a lot of insight and it will be solved.

To me that is the tarot......

To me the tarot proves to be the answer to many of life's decisions. I used tarot on my job and career path as well as a mirror to my soul. the six of swords is a conviction to my cause to tarot.

I wanted tarot to be developed more as a knowledge science than a mambo jambo of a lot of witchs. I am a true believer in the tarot and the good in which it could serve as a guide and a friend with regards to one's decisions in life.

And the 6 of swords. reinforces my ideal and thoughts.

I think that is my current goal and truth to the tarot and its path.

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