Saturday, July 24, 2010

Money / debts and life

"Money is the root to all evil." the saying goes.

In modern society, the modern man is so far removed from the sources of our sustenances, Food, water, electricity.

We want a burger, we go to Mac donalds. But we do not see the source of it. We know that beef comes from cow, bread comes from wheat or flour and vegetables are grown.

Water is from our taps and electricity is from the power plants.

We use money to exchange for all this.

It becomes our necessity. It is also a form of control by the banks and the authority which issues them. Pause for a moment, if the country which issues the currency is not recognised in another country, it is worthless paper.

If the sources of food and sustances becomes too expensive for the common man to afford. Theft and famine and war will arise. Take for example during the great depression. there was a mad rush for food and water.. No matter how much cash you have you could not buy anything,
Now brings me to Fehu. This is the rune of cattle. It is the rune of money. Like money. it needs to flow among people as a form of exchange and understanding. It is a symbol of wealth. It is rune of stability in income and of increase. With this there is increase and potential of earning as money flows. It is a glad rune and good to all.
Yet like money it is the form of envy. Too much cattle in one's farm will lead to theft. Too much wealth showing will lead to quarrels. Fire in the wild it is named at times uncontroled it could lead to many disasters.

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