Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tarot meetup 2nd anniversary 28 August 2010

August 28 2008, it was the date of the first tarot outing at coffee nations. I still remembered it was organised by patrick. I went down to the outing with Wen and Noel. The first outing had only a total of 10 people attending.

2 years from that date, we had a total attendance of 50 people at coffee nations.
The meetup had many new people attending. Like chuck and greg.
The ladies in this photos are all 1st timers to the tarot outing. I was using the tarot of dreams by ciro marchetti.
Jay is giving a reading to stephanie, yuri and her husband.

Larry is giving readings to Sharon and Joanne, newcomers to the tarot meetup.
I was very glad to meet Sinta Sutanti, tarot reader and Maria Mia Lasmiyati. they are from Indonesia.

Larry performing his reading.....This is the spread done by larry Lee.

Jason and marie, from france, discussing readings.

Beelian and Jasmine, having fun at the meetup.
Linda and Jennifer. special thanks to linda for baking the cake for this event.
William doing a reading using Henson robert's deck.
Jason's birthday is on august 31 which is around the corner so i presented him a present.

Larry's birthday is august 17, so i presented him a present too. As he reminded me that it was our 2nd anniversary.

This beautiful cake was baked by linda for the event. It was very very beautiful and nice. Thank you so so much linda.
This cake is a blue berry cheese cake which was baked by coffee nations and sponsored by Wen. Thank you Wen for sponsoring the cake. It has always been one of my favourite cake from coffee nations.

This is wen, he says no thanks is required as it was for the 2nd anniversary.

Sky doing a reading.

The tarot meetup has serve its purpose of getting people and tarot readers together. It has served as a platform for people to practice tarot and also to share knowledge. In addition, it has a multi-racial number of people from various countries. We have people from France, USA, Europe, indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia. It has turned out to be the fulfillment of a vision of mine.

However, the most important thing is the people who has regularly attended the events.
I would like to thank the following people for supporting this event.
1) Wen
2) Linda Ong
3) Jason Tan
4) Larry Lee
5) Linda Khoo
6) Asmine
7) Sky
8) William Chong
9) Quek Ser Ming
10) Jennifer
11) Pamela
12) Patrick V Lee.
For it is with their pressence and grace that this event has been a success.

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