Sunday, September 19, 2010

Love and Light festival 18-19 September 2010

The Love and Light festival was on 18 and 19 of september 2010.
William, Khemery and i were exhibiting on that day. Our poster and banner had Reaching Wisdom & Knowledge, which represents 3 of our names, Rowen, William and Khemery.

Our booth location was in the corner, in front of the light space. I brought Ash's diary of a broken soul deck to be displayed. However, it was not a popular deck to sell.

This lady was the only lady who was drawn to the images of the diary. However, i felt that she was deeply upset and used the tarot of dreams to do her reading for her.Stephanie, my old friend came with another friend to support me at the event.

Larry also came...... Actually a lot of people from the tarot meetup group came to support me and for that i am grateful.

Chuck also came down to help even after his army camp.

Met up with Sue Rose. She makes nice and beautiful drums......

Best of all i finally met up with Jai. I was asked to meet up with him from a lot of my friends, like Nash and even william. Fate has it that we were neighbours at the festival. I learned a lot from him and it was interesting talking to his son and him.
I was also invited to go to the Mandai Orchid Garden for a party on the night of 18 september 2010.
It was a festival of meeting new new friends.

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