Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tarot Meetup at Mysterious Cafe Jan 2011

First of all there is a birthday celebration for 3 people. Wen (21 Jan) Jennifer 29 January and Micheal (31 January.)

Cafe was a mango Cheese Cake.

Do they look Happy? Happy Birthday guys.

A Cross spread done by Linda Khoo.

This is linda doing me the reading.

My Spread on my career.

Birthday Girl Jennifer.

William and i.

Some beginners with me. I did some readings for them.

Linda practicing her skills.

Jay's Osho Zen tarot.

Here is Jay and my Wife Beelian.

Generally Mysterious Cafe is a quiet place to do tarot readings.

However it is smaller than coffee nations and the food portions are smaller as well.

We need to sit on the floor which is not good for girls in skirts.

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