Thursday, April 28, 2011

Elections in Singapore and the study of symbols.

Since 1959, the People actions party has been in power. It is a strong and powerful party. 42 years in total.

Election is in fever now. so i would talk about the various party symbols and their logos. These are my personal opinion and it does not imply my political stand point.

We start with the Worker's party's symbol and colors. The worker's party has the predominate symbol of the hammer. The hammer is a symbol of power. It is used by a worker in many ways to hammer in nails, to test the solidity of a object and to help in the flattening of a object (used in plates or decoration.) It is to affliate with the common people. It is also used in a courtroom by the judge to draw attention. It is used by a auction dealer to close a deal. Hence it is a common item.

In Norse Myths, the hammer is used by thor.... "Now in cinemas!" and it is used to bring down giants (could be the ruling class), to defend the weak and to bring lightning and thunder.

If they want to bring change the hammer is a good symbol.

The weakness of this symbol is their choice of colors.

They used the colors of red and yellow. these 2 colors go well together, however it is a self clashing color. Red represents fire and yellow represents metal. In fengshui or in chinese myths, this would be their downfall. Within the party it may seem to have many in fighting or many wars and weaken the strenght of the party. Only if a person of charisma and diplomacy or person of water element would be able to control it.

The reform party's symbol and NSP has similar characteristics. They have used that of a Sun. The sun is a symbol of power and of great strenght. However the reform party sun is overshadowed by the words of reform. as part of it and could not break forth its power. the sun of the NSP is better in that sense. the color choices are red which fuels, good in the sense of the NSP but the conflict of yellow and blue in the reform party symbol draws away the purpose and the word reform. It highlights and brings to mind the idea whether the party is true to their intentions. it is not focused and diluted.

In the study of symbols, i feel strongly that the PAP symbol is really very powerful. the person who designed it is a genius. The symbol of lightning in a S which resembles the Rune SUWOLO that of change and the sun serves the party well. the lightning means fast in action. it cannot be seen and can strike anywhere. the breaking of the circle refers to the moving away of an era, Which was the colonial era. However, if you see it, it is a cause of discord, not within the party but without. Hence if a symbol in an opposition party has a circle, it may not suceed as the lightning would strike upon them and cause massive damage. Harming the conherency of the party.


The above are my observations on the symbols of some of the political party in singapore.

Please do not be offended, if your views differ from mine.

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