Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Haindl Tarot

It has been ages since i last wrote a review on a deck.
The most recently i have been working with the Haindl tarot.
Ash abdullah once told me this deck is not a easy deck to work with and i agree in a certain manner. It combines Iching, Runes, Kaballah and also mythical figures all in one. A lot of symbolic power, but not all i agree with.

The deck was done in 1990 which was 10 years prior to 9 11 incident. The tower in this deck does look like the 9 11 incident and it is powered by Algis rune inverted. that is of change and devastation. This i much agree. Americans prior to 9 11 thought themselves invincible. this change sparked a lot of things terrorism and of fear. Like the tower card.

The thing which i dislike about the tarot is the cards like court cards. they are gods and goddesses. if a person is not attuned to that god or does not know myths it becomes distracting to use. Kali is the queen of swords..... Impartial she is she could be a good lady or a fierce enemy.

Buffalo woman is the princess of stones...... Buffalo is the source of meat and of a lot of livelihood in the north american culture.....

The fool is given the runes of Wunjo which is good as it is of happiness and of in a drunken and high stage which most people act when they are fools..... but powerful potential for good or evil....

The Iching Gua is in the minor arcana. Here i find most of the gua are quite well placed. the liberation gua is against that of 7 of wands. Change and revolt against the odds......

recovery or repair is the gua associated in the 4 of swords..... which quite true.

Overall this deck is for a person who understands all the different arts for various cultures to use to its full potential... Good advance deck and one of the best attempts to link tarot with Iching.

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