Friday, July 22, 2011

Spirit Quartz Record Keeper

Spirit Quartz is an unusual Variety of Quartz which is found only in South Africa.
It has an unusual growing habit. the central crystal form with faceted termination and a main crystal body covered with small terminated points.
They are also known as Porcupine quartz or Cactus Quartz.

It is used for aligning oneself to one's higher self. It gently releases the tensions of our conscious and unconscious fears, allowing us to truly live.

It normally comes in Amethyst color. However, the one which i found is white in color with a citrine base..
It was drawn to me. and has several faces with triangle indentals of the record keeper version.

The above is one triangle face and the below is another face with an indented triangle. as shown.

This stone is telling me to make dreams come true and some additional knowledge i have received from it about how to go about making my visions come true.

Perhaps with more meditation and understanding with my 3 other record keepers. the herkimer diamond, the aqua-marine and the big record keeper crystal. more knowledge would be revealed.

I have spent a lot on crystals this month..... no more purchases till further notices..... baby expenses come first now...

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