Thursday, November 21, 2013

4 of swords. Taking a break and rest. ISA. Rune of ice.

The four of swords is the card of rest or temporary pause in a situation.

The flow of logic in the 3 swords pointing down is broken by the fourth sword which is at rest.

It is the card of taking a break from work to reflect on oneself before proceeding.

A person in a quarrel cannot see himself. Only by resting and a period of truce could one reflect on the situation. removing one from confrontation.

Similarly in the runes, there is the Rune ISA. the rune of ice. after the autumn months of harvest it is the winter months a period where the fields rest in Ice and snow covers the land.

It is a period of hibernation for a lot of animals a period to sleep.

Isa is a period of cooling off. It is also the single line. The line that divides. it is of terminus nature.


Being in November. It is a good time for all to rest and refocus for the longer road ahead.

Merry christmas and happy holidays everyone. 

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