Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kirin, Jera (runes) and 10 of pentacles. Abundance.

In all the cultures of the world, we have various symbols which can relate to abundance and wealth generation. I will provide the following 3 items which are symbols of wealth and good luck.

 First off, we have the rune Jera. it is the runes of transaction, the rune of wealth and of giving and taking. It is the rune of transaction and trade. It resembles the golden hair of Sif, Thor's wife and her hair is the color of wheat ready for harvest.

It is also related to the net. In the times of the vikings, the net and the diet of fish is critical to them. Hence the ability to catch fish is very import and a form of wealth. the Salmon and the fish is very important to everyone.

 The qi ling, is in the chinese methos as a animal of protection and wealth. you can see one is a mother and protects children and kids, the other kirin is the male kirin with the ball of money creation.

In tarot, the pentacle is a symbol of wealth and it is in the shape of a sphere. the 10 of pentacles is the ultimate creation of wealth.
you see all the money and affects of the rich in the picture.

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