Thursday, March 13, 2008

八字命理:Differences in positive and negative of the heavenly stems.

shuangyurenfrom SG club asked the following question. Each zodiac represents a element n their positive/negative ...but 1 qns ....positive n negative ....wats the diff .?

The answer to your question is as such. In the horoscope, each of the 4 elements have 3 different houses. Although each of the horoscope display similar characteristics, their intensity is different. A pisces is different from a cancer. But both are of water elements.
In the 10 different heavenly stems, there is positive and negative in each element. which represents the different degrees in which they are into that element. 甲 wood is positive wood. it represents that a person is foreright straight unbending, which is fixed like a tree.
Whereas 乙 wood is the negative and is like a grass which bends to the wind. It is more yielding or mutable as compared to the fixed of the positive elements.
The positive elements are normally more intensed.
the negative elements are not as strong....

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