Thursday, March 13, 2008



八字命理 uses the day as the focus point whereas in Astrology the Sun Sign or Zodiac is the focus.

In 八字命理 there are 5 elements both ying and yang and a total 10 different aspects.

In the Zodiac there are 12 signs.

There are similarities in both 八字命理 elements and the zodiac signs.

Such as a positve earth person would have similar characterstics as an Taurus.

However, for both Astrology and 八字命理 there are more factors than the Sun Sign and the day of birth.

For Astrology, there is the Moon sign, the Ascendant and the positions of the other planets and the cusps.

For 八字命理 there is the 5 yearly fortunes, the 10 star signs and the influences of the month and the year.For those who want to know more. you can email to me at

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