Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dragon Tarot a review

On 20th March 2008, I was given this Tarot deck by Spade from SG club as a birthday present.

The deck's theme is on Dragons. They are superbly drawn. It looks medival and have a sense of moderness in it. The suits are coins, wands, swords and cups. There are suitable attributions and with the elements in each card. some of the cards are very evident to be drawn in the similar lines of the rider waite.

The above are the cards which i like the top left is 2 of pentacles, the centre is 3 of swords and

the one on the right is the 8 of pentacles. all 3 cards show strong aspects of the Rider Waite.

The 3 of swords have the 3 swords into 1 heart aspect. the 2 of pentacles have 2 dragons balancing 2 pentacles.....

the 8 of swords has the dragon bounded and trapped in the 8 swords same as the rider waite's 8 of swords....

The bottom 3 cards are the hierophant, the lovers and the tower. All three cards have very strong symbolic. especially the lovers. Instead of 2 persons, 2 dragons are used and there is a symbol of the yin and yang above which is very nice.

The cards shown here are the chariot and on the right is the 7 of cups. the chariot has the attribution of cancer and the astrological sign cancer is shown on the card. The 7 of cups is good coz it shows the dragon surrounded by 7 choices...... not the same as the rider waite.

The magician is a bit different in the sense that all 4 implements are at his side. the 2 of swords is a bit different as the dragon is not bounded and do not seem too troubled.....

The 7 of wands shows courage in face of danger. the death is nice too.

The aces and the court cards have very nice dragons done.
Overall it is a nice deck a bit difficult to use for beginners though.
Thank you once again spade for the present.... i will treasure it,

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Sky said...

This is the deck im using too i like it alot, well the picture is full of life and thats wad suits be best i think...