Wednesday, March 12, 2008

personal decks and the good and evil of decks.

A forum member from SG club "ripplevox" requested this question.

"Let's say you already own a deck and you purchase another. but isn't it recommended that you stay with your first deck? i recall reading something about having bonded with the cards and the cards taking on your essence or something.
can you clarify?
also, is there such things as 'bad' tarot decks. as in the essence of it isn't very 'good' or might even be dangerous?"

Well ripplevox, it is advisable to have 1 deck which you use most often and is very personal which could be the 1st deck which you use. It could be the 1st deck which you practice with as this deck would be with you the longest and you develop a bond or feeling with it as the cards become more familar to you. They do not take in your energy. but as you grow accustomed to their PICTURES and symbols, it will be easier for us to read from them. It is like language. As a baby you know no language. As you grow up in let say a chinese family who speaks mandarin and hokkien or teochew, you grow accustomed to the language and it is a part of you. So the symbols of the pictures do not take in your energy. It is rather that you take in the pictures and symbols of the cards. You grow with the cards and not the cards grow with you.

The fastest way to grow is to take 1 tarot card a day. look of the meanings and see if anything happens on the day in relation to the cards.

However, you could use other tarot decks for other people. In my course of service and assisting people with their problems. Some of the decks do not appeal to them as much as others. Hence i have several decks which i use. In addition to my personal fav decks.....

There are some decks which are not as close or the symbols do not tell anything of it. such decks are not good for reading. one of the decks is the Erotic manara deck, or the gay tarot which i do not personally like to use for tarot. But there are no evil decks. Like i mentioned. Tarot is a tool like a pen. there is no good or evil. the good or evil is in the hands which uses the tool.

Of course you can use Poker cards to read too.

Hope this answers your question.

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