Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A most interesting Tarot reading.... done 20.02.08

On Wednesday Nite, I went for a party at Harris and i met my ex collegue there.He knows that i am a tarot reading and asked me to do a reading for him for his luck in the coming year. I said since i have my cards in my brief case, okay.So i did the reading for him..... while i was doing so his manager brought some guests from Switzerland and joined our table. The guests were very very excited when they saw me do readings for my friend and all asked for readings. Well being in a party and out of the fun of the time..... i did readings for all of them at harris.The most interesting reading was for one aerospace engineer, B. B asked me to do a spread on relationship. I asked him whether he was attached, married or have a girl of his dreams. he said he was not attached nor married but have a ger of his dream,,,,,I did the reading and used a Cross relationship spread. the cards which represent him are knight of swords and 3 of swords. the cards whihc represent the ger was the devil and 3 of cups. the outcome was 3 of pentacles.I stated that firstly B was a person who liked freedom and did not want to be tied down but the ger of his dreams want to tie him down. the outcome would be marriage in eventually.
He did not actually know the ger....He only met her once in the car park. He was washing his car in the carpark vacuuming and stuff. alongside his car, the ger parked her car and she got off. B saw the ger and was IN LOVE..... he started talking to the ger and the ger expressed interest in him byhelping him wash his car and he helped her wash her car.....The entire most dumb part was that B forgot to ask for her number and she drove off....So end story rite.....? So B now asked me whether he can meet her again.....I did a yes and no reading the 4 cards i got are as follows. basis is page of wands Yes is chariot No is temperance and the 4 card to add clarity is hermit.My answer to him is if you seek hard enough,.... you will find her.... the step is to trace where to find her car..... The good thing was he had her licence plate number and could trace for her address.....I asked B the next most important thing.... if you were to find her what would you do?B said he would start chatting to her on cars and ask whether he can kiss her.....He said he would take out 50 euros and bet with the ger saying that he could kiss her without her filling it, if she feels it she would get the money......In addition he photo graphed all my readings to keep and said if he was the meet the girl again he will invite me to their wedding in switzerland.We all thought it was kinda lame.... anyways that is the most interesting reading for that nite....

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