Wednesday, March 12, 2008

another article about my skills at tarot reading...

instead of studying today, i went for an outing by sgc. its about tarot reading and astrology.was early looking around for some stuffs, but since i am the first, shimure gave me a reading of my general character. its 80% true. esp the middle line which he says yea the middle line is most of the time true, but the ones at the side will be more harder to interpret. so basically we went there to learn more on reading the cards and so on. k basic exercise was everyone have to take a card from the major arcarna. i got the empress. and it says something like you reap what you sow. lawl i think i should start studying now @_@.well there are a few types of spread that he demonstrated today. but the one that caught my attention was the golden dawn. the 15 set one. the celtic cross looks abit complicated. and there are these 4 cards one and 5 cards one as well as a 3 card one. each type is used differently and i assume each is used according to what you would like to know.anyway i had a relationship qn for me. what he did for me was basically some 5 cards spread.this is how it looked like -- - - -the top represents how the other party is at current situation. and the bottom represents you at current situation. i got 7 of coins on my side. which says something like i had a basic idea of how i want the thing to go. a direction to move in at the least. the other side was ten of cups. basically saying she feels happy about this general arrangement.the right represents the other party feelings about the relationship. and the left my feelings about the relationship. k lets start with mine. i had 7 of cups. which means that what i have are illusions. things that i thought about this that are purely based on my own inferences and are not excatly real. (e.g. u think that mcq will come out this set of questions but it may or may not be real) so it basically represents the ideas that i have for this relationship. now as for the right one. it was the 5 of cups. 5 of cups would mean disappointment. (personal remark. ZOMGBBQROFLCOPTERELEPHANTHORSEDONKEYCOWSHEEP.) and disappointment in me mmmmmmmm.k the middle one represents outcome or something like that. i got the hanged man. k basic story of the hangman goes like this. the fool (1st major arcarna card) hanged himself upside down the tree to see the world in another perspective. (story cut very short already) and it would make sense since death is the next card that comes after this. but in norse legend cant rem if its norse. but the vikings one yea the vikings one. it says that this guy odin hanged himself to the world tree for 7 days to experience pain and suffering before death. and when he did die he managed to buy himself back through the experience and understanding or something like that. so in this case shimure told me well. you gotta make sacrifices to get to know the person alot more before trying again. hmmmmmmm.further research on wiki says these are the common interpretation
Sacrifice ----- Letting go ----- Surrendering ----- Passivity
Suspension ----- Acceptance ----- Renunciation ----- Patience
New point of view ----- Contemplation ----- Inner harmony
Conformism ----- Nonaction ----- Waiting ----- Giving up3 good 1 bad. 75% chance of success eh???wanna guess who the person is?? ^^anyway thanks to shimure for organising this and inspiring me to learn more about the tarot. well it may not be 100% accurate but its interesting to get a hint to the future.

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