Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tarot tips by Ruth Ann Amerstone & Wald Amberstone.

I was looking at books in Kino Kuniya and came across this book which caught my eye. I had a read at it and it was quite refreshing. In this book there are tips on how to conduct the reading and stuff. It was not all the textbook material but is just straight answers without any corners or the authorors being dodgy.....
My favourite tip is the following..
Tip #72. bad news
"One of your goals as a reader should be, as much as possible, to leave a querant feeling better at the end of their reading than when they started. Does this mean you should never give bad news?
No , but you should be very careful how you discuss diffcult issues and challenges with your client. Chances are, if your are going through a tough time or someone close to them is very ill, for example, telling them this will not come as a surprise. the best thing to do, however, is not to dwell on the trouble but to discover things that the querent can actually do about their situation.
One of the best ways to achieve this is to end the readings sessions with an action card. This card will suggest a concrete action that the querent can take that will help their situation. it may involves others or it may simply be a way that they can nuture themselves until their difficulty ends. not every situation can be changed, but somethimes just having something constructive to do in the meantime can be a great anxiety reliever....."
I had a client who requested for me to do a reading for him. Prior to us starting the reading, he told me there were several things which were bothering him but he only wanted 1 reading only so he asked me to help him phrase his question before we started.
Through my own methods and by asking him to shuffle the deck, i knew he was worried about his family. I asked him whether it was true and he replied yes. Then i proceeded to ask him to phrase his thoughts and ideas on his family and the current matter at hand.
He concentrated and the spread which i used was the golden dawn 15 card spread. From the spread i told him that he was divorced and he was awaiting a trial on his children's custotary. He was surprised and asked how i knew. I showed him the cards which represented the trial and a change in the relationship. In addition i picked up in the spread that he may lose in the trial. I broke that news to him...... it was "bad news..."
In this instance, i remembered tip 72 and then i requested to take an additional card which is 7 of wands. I gave him advice to be strong and integrity. At this moment keep his faith and be careful of people trying to attack him.....
3 months later, he wrote and email to me saying he won his trial and was thankful for my reading......
well i guess the book really helped me there....
attached are the writer's details.
Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone-founders of the Tarot School and Readers Studio-combine two lifetimes worth of experience in their book Tarot Tips. What started out in 1998 as a free email Newsletter has snowballed into one of the major newsletters of its kind, answering queries from readers around the world. Mirroring the 78 cards found in a Tarot deck, the authors provide 78 practical tips in an engaging question and answer format.

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