Sunday, March 30, 2008


This is a double cross spread. It is useful for 2 person's to know how one appears to the other person.
I have done this spread with soupdude to find out what type of relationship we think of each other.
The lay of the cards is as follows: the one on the left is done by me and the one on the right is done by soupdude.
1st card is the Hierophant and 4 of cups;
2nd card is eight of swords and king of wands;
3rd card is 4 for swords and ace of wands;
4th card is the queen of cups and empress;
5th card is the ace of wands and death.

The use of the deck is get the following insight between the relationship of 2 ppl.
It is good to know how the other party is feeling and is good if the question is straight forward with a party in mind of focus when the question is asked.

1st card represents the person asking the question his position at this moment in time. In my case, i may feel i am a teacher to soupdude and for his case he sees opportunity for growth and understanding.
2nd card respresents the other party or the target of the question their feelings towards the querant at this point in time. To me i feel soupdude is a bit restricted with the view on the friendship and he has his reversations. To him, he feels that i am a good friend and opens out to him.

3rd card represents what the querant wants out of the relationship. it is 4 of swords for me, which means i may want to reflect on how to better guide him in tarot and such. for soup dude it is the ace of wands which means a new beginning for him.

4th card respresents what the target wants out of the relationship. both the cards here are queens or female in their own rite. so i feel that soupdude wants to develop better relationship. same goes for me....

5th card represents the outcome..... It seems that there is an ending and a change for our relationship.....
The most key card in a combined spread is to look for cards which is the ace of wands which means a good start in the relationship.

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