Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A testimony from Eunice from SG club..

The group of us met up with him on Sunday.
We all take turns to consult him about relationship /studies and so on.
"I don't know who to chose..."
This is the spread I get, after much concentration of my question.
Photo credit to sboi.
Shimure's Interpretation1. In the middle is my current situation. He told me that I'm currently very happy, have good relationship with people around me, and is a person that like alot of freedom.2. The top 3 cards on the left shows Guy A. Shimure say that this guy have the characteristic of a Taurus. He is money minded, mysterious and like to keep secrets to himself.3. The top 3 cards on the right shows Guy B. Shimure say that this guy have the characteristic of a Virgo. He is meticulous, and will get me luxury stuffs.4. The bottom 3 cards on the left state that I've bad experiences in my previous relationship. Shimure say maybe my ex went off with another girl.5. The bottom 3 cards on the right state that I will eventually pick either Guy A or B ultimately. And Shimure feel that I will pick Guy A. =)Is it accurate?1. Yes, freedom is very important to me. I will usually avoid anything that require commitment.2. True. I just found out that his birthday is on May 22. Which is the first day of Gemini. So he has the characteristics of both a Gemini and Taurus. He's abit emo, and thinks alot. So I won't be surprised that he didn't tell me about about himself.3. This guy is my friend's friend.. 25 years old. For a working adult, of course he is capable to get me things that are more expensive. I agree with the reading that he is meticulous, because he will sms me to remind me to eat my meals and to drink lots of water.. He will do stuffs like cooking Black Chicken soup frequently for his girlfriend. My impression of him is alright, thought I find those sms abit annoying. >.<4. Shimure guess might be right. I do prefer Guy A, partly because we are studying in the same school now, though he is in design and i'm in business. I also know him for a longer time. His hair is cool, and I like the way he speaks too. Haha.I want to emphasis again, that Shimure is a great tarot card reader! If you run into any problems and want to consult tarot cards, must remember to find him! Haha. =)

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