Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A-Card-A-Day Exercise On tarot.

picture from "TAROT JOURNAL By Dennis Fairchild, Running Press, 2003"

When you start a day, draw a card from your own tarot deck.

Concentrate on the meaning of the card which you have drawn. If you are unsure of the meaning, you can check out the little white book which comes with each deck.

Have the meanings in mind. record it down in a journal. See what happens on that day.

This is also known as the 1 card reading. It will give you a lot of insight and power. One very good deck to use for this type of reading is Sally hill's Tarot affirmations.

If you do not have a tarot deck, you can try on the following website as well.

An example of what has happened is by LarrenV2.003 from SG club.

""Thanks rowen for teaching to draw my tarot cards randomly on the 19th April Outing.

Well the first time i drew wheel of fortune which signifies fate and pleasent surprises.

True enough i coincidentally bump onto my tang mei when i was on my way to visit the loo=D.

Then on 20th i drew the 2 of cups which signifies love, union and rappot which doesn't applies to me cuz i have no gf at the moment lolz.

On monday 21st April i drew The Tower card and the properties are:Traumatic change.

The Destruction of a way of life. Revolution.

loss of stability within a r/s.

Financial Losses. Revelation.

Destruction of the old paves way for the new.

True enough again, i have 2 'lobangs' of the day =.=.

First, is my interview for last week friday says that i will be called up to work on monday if i'm shortlisted. Sadly no call for me to start work. which means my job selection failed.

Secondly, shocking news is most of my frens are awarded with the diploma of merit upon graduation whereas i dun On the other hand, i got another surprising call from one job agent saying that i got a temp assignment job which i will be working on for the next 1 week.

Yea i come to realise that the reason for these 2 is because i'm too egoistic (true enuff for a leo boy like myself) to say grades are not everything in life and too contended with wat i have that i even take it for granted, by not changing my habits and carry on living in a world of my own.Wat i have learnt is that the tarot cards that i own, is having a mind that can correctly link to my past and present even w/o me talking to it. Shows me the short comings and telling me to change myself.From the properties of Towers like "Destruction of the old paves way for the new". I will give myself a small start to enhance my discipline as one of the new ways that paves away my old bad habits in life.""

This method is good for beginners to get to know their first tarot deck or in order to familiarise with the deck and the meanings of the cards. Each day if the beginner draws a card, within a month, there will be at least 30 cards. Chances are they will not get different cards each day.

The repeated cards would reflect on the person's mood or his state of mind. Like many wands would meanthat he is going through a creative state, many cups would mean an emotional state, many swords would mean study or analystical state and many pentacles would mean career or money is on the person's mind.....

Many majors would mean a great change in the person's mind

Bad events like tower, death or Devil.

Good events, Lovers, emperor or The star.

However, for users of the tarot with more than 1 decks, this method is good for a person to feel a new deck and get in touch with the deck. Hence develop and use the deck correctly. You can use this for the deck you want to try out and another more familiar deck like the rider waite. For instance, i have been using this method with the china tarot and my gilded tarot.

For instance, the world in the gilded shows a masked dancer on top of a world with a laurel leave crown which is similar to the rider waite. only the china tarot is different. with a lady and the world more obscured.

Try using this method for your tarot..... practices.

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