Wednesday, April 23, 2008


When conducting a tarot session with a querant,
It is very important to listen to the querant.
Look at the querant's body language.
Look at whether the querant is at ease or not.
If he is not at ease need to let him relax first.
Then ask the most important question first....
"What is troubling you......?"
Most querants will then start poring out a list of problems.....
Most will be about relationships with Boyfriend, girlfriend, husbands, wives and even children.
If not it would be careers. or ventures or buying stuff.
But most important is to ask them to phrase their questions to be as specific as possible.
Such as. If i were to go with Rowen, what would be the outcome? or Would i be successful in job interview for Google?
Then you can decide on which spread to use.
One last and final word to all tarot readers.... for Ursula le guin's book the wizard of earthsea, Ogion said to Ged, " TO LISTEN, ONE MUST BE SILENT......"

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